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Family Dentistry in Bruceville, Sacramento

Thuy Nga Vu, DDS, is a Sacramento family dentist who sees children as young as age three and adults of all ages. Our family dentistry practices in both Sacramento and Roseville will focus on helping your children develop healthy oral hygiene habits at an early age and educating parents to create healthy routines at home.  

With our younger patients we prioritize:

. Introductory appointments to get kids off to a great start 
. An emphasis on oral hygiene and preventative family dentistry 
. Parental education so parents can make better informed decisions about their family's dental care 
. Links between systemic issues, good diet, and oral health  

We offer a variety of family dentistry services at our three Sacramento-area dental offices including:

. Cleanings and prevention  . Fluoride treatment 
. Sealants 
. Orthodontic exams 
. Invisalign 
. Cosmetic dentistry 
. Periodontal care 
. Restorations 
. Dental implants  

Sacramento Family Dentistry – Better Technology, Better Results, Less Invasive

Our Roseville, Bruceville, and Sacramento dental practices are equipped with the latest dental technologies including digital imaging equipment for better diagnoses, better treatment planning, and a more comfortable patient experience. 
Did you know that most dental phobias are formed from bad dental experiences as a child? Dr. Vu is gentle and caring with kids and communicates with them to establish healthy oral hygiene routines, not dental phobias. 
Dr. Vu also takes the time to discuss the different treatment options available, allowing you to explore and select the best service for your specific needs.  

Who Should See Dr. Vu?

Whether you need care for yourself, your child, or for an elderly parent, Dr. Vu has the experience needed to provide top-notch family dental care at two locations in Sacramento or our Roseville location. In fact, she encourages families to schedule consecutive appointments. This allows her to get to know your family, address shared concerns, and offer the most convenient scheduling options that fit into your busy life.  

Questions? Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

With over 20 years of experience as a Sacramento family dentist, Dr. Vu is committed to delivering the highest standards of care and personalized services to your entire family. If you are looking for modern expertise and family values in a local dentist, contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vu. We're here to ensure that each patient is treated like a member of the family and receives the finest care available for their specific needs. 

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